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Secret Story 5 - The Antechamber

Placement 1/15
Popularity 20.03%
HoH(s) held 1
PoV(s) held 5
Challenge(s) Won 7
Faced Evictions 2
Vote(s) Against 1
Day(s) Lasted 93

Secret Story 5 - The Antechamber Edit

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Secret Story 5
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Will was one of the contestants from the fifth season of the Secret Story ORG, Secret Story 5 - The Antechamber.

Will's Voting History
Week Will's
Votes against
Week 1 Trapped in Antechamber
Week 2 Safe Sparky n/a
Week 3 Safe Cinderella n/a
Week 4 Safe Marco n/a
Week 5 Safe Cinderella n/a
Week 6 Veto Holder
saved himself
Week 7 Replacement
Not eligible Andrew
Week 8 Veto Holder
saved himself
Ezekiel n/a
Week 9 Head of House
Veto Holder
Didn't vote Exempt
Week 10 Safe Andrew n/a
Week 11 Veto Holder Andrew n/a
Week 12 Veto Holder
saved himself
Mikey n/a
Week 13 Nominated Not eligible none
Jury votes
for Will
Ali, Cinderella, Ezekiel, Marco,
Mihai, Mikey, Reid, Tung
(Day 93)

Confessionals Edit

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Marco is starting to ask questions about who has what role. This means he has got to go. In other news I don't know why people want to get the Sabateur out. If you really think about it, the Saboteur is the best ally to have because he can handicap your enemies in challenges. If only I could tell people this and convince them not to focus on the Saboteur. My hope is that if someone can actually realize that I am the Saboteur, they will see it as a plus.



Now the brain gears are starting to turn. Somehow, some way, I have to make it so Ella survives this vote. If I can manage that, it buys me another week with all of these crazy people



Once I was outed as the Sab, I pretty much knew I was going to be put up almost immediately. Even though the Salem game doesn't apply more, this whole game showed just how effectively I could lie, which is not good in a person to align with. I'm just going to win the POV and get myself off the block because it may be the only way to save myself



Been awhile since I've done this, but Marish is asking for one so I will deliver. Things are coming down to the wire now with the final 6. I should have had this in the bag by now but I digress. The two people coming back into the game didn't hinder my plans much, it just slowed things down. I also can't believe Ali coming in and trying his "best" to stir stuff up in his usual lame Ali way. Like he just says gibberish in the main chat to make things "exciting" If this is his idea of exciting, the dude must watch paint dry on the weekends for entertainment. I really don't get him, but he poses absolutely no threat so there is no danger in him staying around. I just have to put up with his "Ali ok"s and "Reid is so much floppier than me"s and other random bullshit. Anyways, I think I am on a good pace, I won the HoH because I can allow myself to not win the next one. Then I will be in a good position to win the Final 4 HoH and finally follow it up with a Final 3 HoH



I am actually having a very difficult time deciding on what to do with this PoV. I could easily get Reid out here now and it will probably be the best thing for my game. But he's been my ally from day one and it would be an asshole thing to do to betray his trust. I can't bring myself as a human being to do something so evil like that *sniff*. Oh who am I kidding tongue emoticon I would no problem voting him out, I just think he would be a salty sailor on the jury and I can't have people mad at me over there. Right now, Mikey is the top target which is perfect. I can just win the HoH against Reid/Andrew and Nick. Winning PoV would be slightly harder because Mikey can compete, but still doable. My issue is that I need to vote off my allies because I want Nick there beside me at the end as someone who might not have as much on their resume. I just figure out how to vote off my allies so that they would be the least bitter they can be. It really is a tough decision



I'm pretty happy with where I am at right now. It really is my game to lose at this point. Well at least to get to the Final 2, the jury could still decide whatever. I'm pretty confident that I can win this final HoH. The only thing I'm concerned with is if Reid actually doesn't flop for once in his life and pulls off a miracle. I don't think he would pick me to go to the Final 2 with him. He was already willing to vote me off at Final 4 even though he wouldnt admit it. If I can just keep my focus and plow through this Final HoH, I have a good shot. The only thing that can really screw things up is this diabolical twist


Ohhh myyy godddd, I'm so glad that it was not my choice in the end. I can't think Nick enough, he did what I couldn't and voted out his easy win. This is going to be one hell of a finale and I'll make sure I come out on top



Hello everyone. It is an honor to be up here in front of you today. I had a blast playing this season which was full of many ups and downs. Being the Saboteur, I had to do pleeeenty of lying. I'll own up the fact. I made promises, broke promises, told big lies and little lies. The only regret I have in this game is making Cinderella feel the way that she did when she was evicted. I'll get more into it later in the speech but that was one thing that I felt terrible about while doing it.

I applied to Secret Story on a whim. I heard about here and there and when I saw the wikia pages I was very intrigued. I didn't know much about it but I figured I would give it a shot. I have never seen Big Brother (only played in one BB org) and I have also never played Town of Salem. Also don't worry, this is going somewhere. So suffice to say, I was pretty overwhelmed Marish first sent me the Intro Guide to the game. I studied that thing a TON when I first got it and still didn't fully grasp it. Once the first official day came around though, I was ready to do my thing, win the first challenge. We had a lot of choices to make with that first challenge and being that I did not know how things worked very well, I had to learn as much information I could. That led me to choose the two options that without a doubt defined my entire game.

1) I made my first choice of room the Jail. That way I could be one of the first to know how the Antechamber works

2) I made Saboteur my first choice of roles. I figured, I'm here to play a game that includes a fun element. Why not take advantage of it?

Joining the Jail was probably the best choice I could have made. I was grouped with both Mikey and Reid. We instantly decided we should group up and control the power of the Antechamber. Thus "The Accused" was born.

After that, my game is really segmented in two parts. My stint as the Saboteur and then after the Salem game had ended.

"Saboteur's Story" The Accused wanted to control the power of the antechamber, so of course the consensus was, let's all get sent here as much as we can. Obviously I could not be one of them because the instant I went, I would be outed as the Saboteur and become a target immediately. My number one goal was to lay low as much as possible so people would just forget I existed. When Ali said one day "Will. No one even knows you are here, you're so boring"(paraphrasing :P) That was the best compliment I could receive. This part of my game is not very flashy. I had one goal as the Sab, pin the title on someone else as often as I could. When people got in a fight in the house, I knew immediately my next target would be one of those two. I also wanted to get in good with some of the "challenge beasts." People like Mihai, Tung, Zeke, basically try and work with them because the people who are at the top of challenges because they are more likely to be targets of the Sab. I wanted to "work" with them to figure out, and oust the Sab. Also having the better challenge competitors in the game could hide me more.

During this time, I also wanted to protect and help The Accused alliance. Mikey and Reid were getting sent to the antechamber a lot which was great news. The other not so great news was that Reid was drawing A LOT of heat. The good news is that I had some good graces with the people that were winning HoH. I tried to let them know, "Hey of course people want Reid gone, but who will they want out next? Of course the people winning challenges." I tried to steer them away from nomming Reid so that he could be a "shield" for us. This was going smoothly enough until one day, I found myself accused. It was Cinderella, Mikey, and I all accused and of course the line up had SABOTEUR right there for everyone to see. Here I went into slightly panic mode. Mikey had been accused before so he was good. I was just really thankful Cinderella was also up, because it gave me cover

This is when I start to feel really bad. Of course from there I had to claim I was the sherrif. Once Cinderella started talking about showing proof, I went right away into making a fake screenshot. I made one showing me getting the role as well as one with a week of INTEL. I thought it was a long shot but I had to do something. I had the screenshot prepped and as soon as Cinderella posted hers, I photoshopped on the current time at the moment and sent mine right after. Cinderella, I feel bad for what happened next. It legitimately pained me that I could not step in and just come out as the Saboteur. I can only imagine what it would be like to be telling the 100% truth and have no one believe you. I am truly sorry.

"Coming out of my shell" After that, the Salem game was done. I had a plan to basically become a hit man, and use my ability to help the highest bidder and be on their side. I figured it would be my only way to survive after being proven of being the Sab. Thankfully, Marish dropped that portion of the game but it still meant I had a lot of catching up to do. Before that, I had done barely any talking. A couple of messages here and there only when I absolutely needed to. I barely even spoke to my alliance in that time. I had to then build relations with everyone still in the house. Here is where I started talking to Nicholas some more as well as Andrew, Ali, and Zeke. I wanted to let them know that I only lied to them because I had to as the Sab and that it truly isn't me. (even though it kinda is :P). These connections helped me when I needed it the most. When I was on the block with Mihai. Sadly it meant Mihai had to go instead when I really wanted to work with him.

Also now that I was out in the open, I could also expand my challenge game. From that point on, I won 6 challenges. My forte became the PoV. Winning those challenges could help protect me and any allies if anyone was in danger. PoVs can create allies while HoHs only create enemies.

I definitely stepped up my game socially here as well. I grew tighter with The Accused and also something that I did not know would pay off so well, was becoming tighter with Nicholas. I helped him out when I could. When he was on the block, I made sure to try and sway the others to vote the other. That connection got me here, and I feel terrible about it because I had lied to Nick about our Final 2 deal. Had I won that final HoH, I would have stayed true to my original alliance and brought Reid here with me.

If I had to list my "Biggest Moves" resume, it would look like this. -Won the initial challenge. This led to getting my choice of room and helping create The Accused.

-Willing to become the Sab. This gave me plenty of power in the early game.

-Creating the fake screenshot. Even though it felt super dirty, it led to people believing in me.

-Connecting with Nicholas. This got me out of a bind and lying to him about a Final 2 deal helped me here.

-Winning PoVs. This got me off the block numerous times.

All in all, I feel I have done more than enough to warrent your vote. If you feel betrayed or hurt be me, I am sorry. I had to do many underhanded things to get here but I will own that. I look forward to answering to all of your questions and thank you for reading my life story.