Szymon SS2 ingame
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Secret Story II - Expect The Unexpected

Placement 6/16
Popularity 27.82%
HoH(s) held 1
PoV(s) held 1
Challenge(s) Won 2
Faced Evictions 2
Vote(s) Against 2
Day(s) Lasted 57

Secret Story II - Expect the Unexpected Edit

Szymon was one of the original 12 contestants on the second season of Secret Story II - Expect The Unexpected. Szymon came into the house with power-couple shared secret with Maya, and was ready to do everything to bring both of them in the final 2. However, their secret was discovered by Nuno at week 6. After that, they become biggest threats in the game, and quickly got nominated together. After eviction of Maya, Szymon was really disappointed and upset, and  tried to pull a Brendon from BB 12, but it wasn't enough and he got evicted at week 8. 

Szymon's Voting History
Week Szymon's
Votes against
Week 1 Saved
by Tyler
Shane n/a
Week 2 Safe Eviction Cancelled n/a
Week 3 Safe Lawrence,
Ellie, Lawrence,
Week 4 Safe Tyler n/a
Week 5 Safe Jojo n/a
Housemate Joan,
Week 6 Veto Holder Andrew n/a
Week 7 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Nominated Not eligible none
Week 8 Nominated Not eligible Aston,
(Day 57)

Confessionals Edit

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So everyone look at me like a cheater, and this is right. But i think i can play my cards even in this situation, and i have nothing to lose. Cmon everyone will beat a cheater at the end, im nothing a threat and there are some people to really be dangerous im working on building a bond with Tyler (he is super awkward which is very hard for me), Ellie, and Maya, and then slowly will get trust of other peeps back too. Its very hard, but i think thats very right, and this is first time i found myself in this situation. and i have to find the way



So like Im happy that i can be finally back in competing in everything. But i don't want to play in this Veto, because i feel like players who are nominated are ok, and saving them wont benefit my game in anyway. I will do my best in next HoH competition, so hopefully i will be able to get in power position, atleast for a while, cuz for now peeps might see me as the last threat, and for sure not easy vote. My goal is to keep them thinking in that way. ya, I would really love to safe Monkey. And I think I will be able to do it in votes. Also, I keep Aston close to me, so I feel safe this week, but on other side you never know. He was thinking about to nominate Nokomis, which would be awesome for me. I'm so fucking tired of Nokomis, and I honestly wants him gone. And he's a threat. If I will win some hoh, he's the first person for me to nominate



Well, Joan and Nuno joined house. Im very happy for Joan, hes for me like breadquanda to keisha fabo i think i have possibility to align with both of them which puts me in stronger position. right now my main target is Aston. He's trying to keep close Eleanor And i want Ellie for my own. C:



I will do everything to avenge this shit



Welcome Nuno, Welcome Joan, good job for making it so far, i think you both deserve it and both worked your ass hard to to be here, today.I think i have in my head little bit of idea of yours gameplay, Nuno, you respected challenges, and always were there for doing them, and thanks to all hoh and veto you were clearly in charge for all of your decision, and when i tried to get you out, you knew how to protect yourself so i really respect that. Joan, you're for me like brother, definitly one of my closest people not only in wiki but maybe even in life, but the thing is that i don't know much about your gameplay. You stayed under the radar but again, you get out of the troubles when you needed. So i think people might understimate you, and im happy that you're here in finals and you clearly deserve it. So, let's go with questions.
Nuno, starting with you, i need just to ask you one question, and i want you to be fucking honest. I'm still confused about me and Maya's together nomination. That screwed my game but it was probably best move for you. But i need you to tell why did you do it, who was your idea in head to get rid off (me or Maya) and if it was all yours idea, or did you talked with somebody about it
Joan, what do you think was the biggest move of yours? I think some people might see you like a back up for Nuno, i dont want to use the word sheep because i know you're the silent brain behind the curtain so please analize me your game.
Also, final question for both of you: Nuno, why do you think you deserve to win more than Joan, and Joan, wjy do you think that you deserve to win more than Nuno.