Nicholas C
Contestant Profile

Secret Story 5 - The Antechamber

Placement 2/15
Popularity 7.96%
HoH(s) held 3
PoV(s) held 0
Challenge(s) Won 4
Faced Evictions 3
Vote(s) Against 2
Day(s) Lasted 93

Secret Story 5 - The Antechamber Edit

Nicholas was one of the contestants from the fifth season of the Secret Story ORG, Secret Story 5 - The Antechamber.

Nicholas's Voting History
Week Nicholas's
Votes against
Week 1 Saved
by Tung
Wayne n/a
Week 2 Safe Marco n/a
Week 3 Safe Tung n/a
Week 4 Safe Marco n/a
Week 5 Nominated Not eligible Ali
Week 6 Safe Reid,
Week 7 Safe Mihai n/a
Week 8 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 9 Safe Ali n/a
Week 10 Nominated Not eligible Reid
Week 11 Nominated Not eligible none
Week 12 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 13 Head of House Reid Exempt
Jury votes
for Nicholas
(Day 93)

Confessionals Edit

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So basically this is my first confessional of the game. (That was late) but I'm really feeling good in the position I'm in right now. I hope that Mikey's master plan works, because right now I can picture the F3. I can see it coming together. But if all else fails, Mikey is evicted on my watch. No questions asked. I hope everything works out correctly...



SO I JUST WON THE SECOND TO LAST HOH AND IM SO HAPPY. I just need to step back for a moment because I honestly have 3 plans going into play right now, and my own. so Maybe one of them will have to be.. broken? So I can win the game maybe idk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ok so this is honestly the first time I've ever written a speech for an ORG. So I don't exactly know where to start, but just go along with it.

So! My game. It was pretty tough, and fun. Well let me start from day one. In the beginning, I had absolutely no strategy at all. I decided to lay low for a while, just trying to slowly make my way through. That plan was shortly used, because of me not communicating with Danny I was put up for the first eviction.

Surprisingly, knew a few of the people playing this game, and assumed that they would know my other approaches from different ORGs, and aim for me. And I guess they just didn't take it that way, and I got through my first time on the block.

So let's pause for a second, at this point in time I had made a plan for the game. I was gonna make partnerships with the people who dawned on me as a "threat". Again, most of these people I knew, and they took it well. So, I got to my Cinderella/Nicholas eviction

This eviction put a lot of pressure on me. Cinderella had played great, and I had won maybe one challenge. Then, that dinner ceremony kind of changed the game around. Cinderella and Will were the only two who hadn't been proved innocent, therefore Cinderella was the one who was evicted. Sadly enough, we figured out that Will had been the Saboteur and my goal was then (ironically enough) to get him evicted.

Well. Eventually, all of that other stuff happened and we got to the Final 4. Oh. My. Goodness. Will, Mikey and I had sort of made an alliance without knowing it. Well, they didn't know it. Our plan was to get out Reid, but because of Reid and Will's alliance, Will got Mikey out. Will knew the plan, and the fact that he did that really, really stunned me. There was no time to look back at that, but I had to keep going and attempt to win it all....

Well how am I supposed to win it all if I don't submit for part one of the final HoH competition... (shame on myself!) But, I still had the chance. Let me admit, that I must have been the last person to submit about 7 times, so I played part two. I did not like this game at all, really, but I had to play it. I didn't think my score was good enough to win, really, but I somehow got to part three.

Guesses was really all that it took. Let me just say that my initial plan was to go on with Reid if I won part three, but Will and I just kind of seemed to... fit the title. I somehow won part three, again, not expecting to win. Eventually I had to ask that question that really got on my nerves, and I just had to know if Will really would've taken me to Final 2 with him. Nope. Not at all. Him and Reid had been working together to get there, but I still believe my decision to get Reid out was a good one.

And know, I'm here. In front of all of these jurors, who I loved to play this game with. This was my first time playing in this kind of game, and if Will or I win, I really liked playing with you all. Thanks for the amazing game, guys, and I hope to play with you all soon