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Secret Story 6 - Heaven & Hell

Placement 4/16
Popularity 11.62%
HoH(s) held 3
PoV(s) held 1
Challenge(s) Won 10
Faced Evictions 3
Vote(s) Against 11
Day(s) Lasted 93

Secret Story 6 - Heaven & Hell Edit

Natalie is one of the sixteen contestants that participated in the ORG's sixth iteration, Secret Story 6 - Heaven & Hell.

Natalie's Voting History
Week Natalie's
Votes against
Week 1 Safe Amber &
Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 2 Replacement
Not eligible Amber, Calvin, Dallas, James,
Johnny, Lucky, Tadd
(Day 15)
Week 3 In Limbo
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Returned, Day 51
Week 8 Safe Hannah n/a
Veto Holder
saved herself
Tommy n/a
Week 9 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 10 Nominated Not eligible James, Lucky,
(Day 71)
Week 11 In Limbo
Returned, Day 79
Week 12 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 13 Nominated Not eligible James
(Day 93)

Confessionals Edit

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lord help me I'm kind of about to start balancing two alliances why do I always do this


Oh tadd you are the worse actor ever


so i am putting lucky on the block unfortunately i told him my plan that i already have like 5 people would said they would vote to keep him and so i just need one more vote im good



Allison is freaking out because Joey might put me and her on the block. But Joey and I have a secret alliance and she isn't putting me on the block



I will have a chance at winning or jury


Johnny said he was going to keep me off the block because we were in limbo together so I'm going to pay it forward down the line


If hoh next I'm going to take care of that little flipping problem. Tommy and lucky you are going down



FML I'm sick I have class soon. But I did the challenge. Tadd sweetie it's time for you go. I'm a fighter and I'm going to fight till they drag my dead body out of here



Lucky made me a deal. Here it is I will throw HOH this week to you if I am 100% safe (not an original nominee or rep nom). Then I will win HOH and keep you 100% safe. (I won't nom you. Obviously, you'd have to win the veto to be safe.) I agreed to the deal but I plan on double crossing him


allison wants to take me to the end so i can win. its a little insane


when it comes to this veto im going to pretend that im in limbo and if i dont do well im going to out this game. i cant let anyone but me win this veto



so the deal with lucky was good. And he's hoh. And now we have a final 2 deal I kind of don't believe that he is going to stick to it. Anyways I'm doing the veto I told lucky like 370000 but my score is like 900000 like I'm going to tell him my real score. But he just told me he is giving up and going to let me have it lol lucky you expect me to believe that last time you said you had a score of 1897 but you turned in 26000. You know that game is evil



Lucky I must say that your jury management is some of the worse I have seen in my org career that is truly saying something because I have seen some terrible jury management. You had an ego that size of this planet and basically thought you could do whatever you want. You were a bully to some people. For example, when Tadd was going home you treated him horribly and lost a jury vote in that moment. It was like you were didn’t care at all about him. It truly showed that you don’t care about a single person here. Also you made a ton of promises to everyone here and then broke every single one. One for me is the fact you and I made a final two deal the day before I was voted out then I was voted out then on New Year’s you sent me an apology that I feel was completely and utterly fake, Number one: Like why make the deal with me when you knew from the start that you weren’t going to keep it. And if you say you were going to keep until I said something about Taylor Swift doing country and I don’t like country. I’m going to say clearly your crayons in your box wasn’t bright that day because you would have known I was talking her albums before this current album. Also you need to work control your temper I was omg seriously Lucky is boiling over something like this. How stupid. He is a petty ass bitch. In fact, I have your anthem right here for you. Listen to it and let me know if this describes you perfectly.

So back to the final two deal number two what was up with that fake apology were you hoping for my vote if so I going to let you know that just pissed me off even more. Why because you aren’t sorry for evicting me because you knew that I was your biggest competitor in the game left at the time. Ok so other than the fact you were just a complete jerk to everyone you played a good strategic game it’s just your social game greatly outshines your strategic game. So my questions for you are

Why the fake apology?

Why make a deal with knowing you weren’t going to keep it?

Why did you have to make so many promises that you weren’t going to keep?

Are you truly a jerk or what that just for this game?

Does the petty ass bitch describe your perfectly? If no, why not?

James you did nothing. You said you wanted be a floater. Congrats you are a floater by being a floater I feel you didn’t care about this game at all. You barely talked to anyone but we reached out to you but you didn’t care enough to reply back. Also I want to let you know that if you get a vote from anyone here it’s not because they like your game but it’s a vote against Lucky. I have some questions for you. Do you think by just floating that you are wasting everyone’s time including Marish’s time?

Do you even want to win an org?

Why can’t you respond back to people’s messages?

Now some things for the two of you

Compare each jury member to someone from Big Brother and why

Give three random facts about each jury member and no you can’t use our Facebook, the profile on any org contestant page or the one where you click on our name as well. They must be strictly from memory. If you could give anyone your spot who would it be and why

Who doesn’t deserve to be on the jury

Why should the other one win?