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Secret Story 1

Placement 3/12
Popularity 14.52%
HoH(s) held 0
PoV(s) held 3
Challenge(s) Won 4
Faced Evictions 2
Vote(s) Against 1
Day(s) Lasted 68

Secret Story 1 Edit

Luke was one of the original 12 contestants on the first season of Secret Story 1. On Day 15, Nicholas correctly exposed Luke's secret in that he had a crush on one of his tribesmates in his first Survivor ORG. He was evicted on Day 68 after his close ally Ash evicted him in the Final Three. 

Luke's Voting History
Week Luke's
Votes against
Week 1 Safe Blake n/a
Week 2 Safe Andrew n/a
Safe Joshie n/a
Week 3 Safe Ethan n/a
Week 4 Safe David n/a
Week 5 Veto Holder Ethan n/a
Week 6 Veto Holder Nicholas n/a
Week 7 Immune Eddie n/a
Week 8 Nominated Not eligible none
Week 9 Veto Holder Ahad n/a
Week 10 Nominated Not eligible Ash
(Day 68)

Confessionals Edit

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This game sure is off to a great start. Joshie revealed his strategy to everyone and Andrew is annoying everyone to death by spamming pointless messages in the group chat. Alfons also made everyone change their Facebook names. Well then. So for the first HOH challenge, I threw it so I couldn't get an early target. I would not be surprised if I were put up for eviction, though. I haven't been able to play ORGs after my first one, because of how I played. Not since have I been able to make the Jury. So I may want to align with another despicable player like Alfons. Also, there's this stupid alliance called the "Five Tacos" or something like that. I never agreed to be a part of it, but look who's a part of it? The other members are Andrew, Blake and David. Blake, however, is just super obnoxious. He keeps spamming pointless stuff in the alliance chat. His social game is terrible so far. Ash and I were randomly added to the taco alliance, but neither of us want to be in it. I went and talked to Ash privately and discussed going against it. We'll just pretend to be with it for now. Alfons also messaged me and tried to start a conversation. All he ever talked to me about before this was business and Wiki stuff. He's clearly trying to play a social game. I know a faker when I see it. Alfons may be an ORG King, but he's never played with me before. :p Also, David asked for an alliance in front of the whole cast. Then he added Andrew and I to a private chat. Well then. I guess at this point my best ally choice would either be Alfons or Ash. This should be fun.

I'm getting super annoyed with this stupid tacos alliance. They're adding freaking everyone to it! They don't even talk to people, they just add them to the chat and say they're in the alliance! Why don't you just say "Hey, how does 6th place sound to you?"?? Not only that, but they're pissing me off by claiming constantly that Alfons and Wesley are huge threats. Why the Hell do they want Alfons and Wesley out so freaking badly?!!? I understand that Alfons has a reputation coming into this game, but he hasn't even done one threatening thing yet! You can't just assume that because of how someone played in a different ORG that they're going to play the exact same way! I want Blake out first. He has absolutely no idea how to play this game. If people were targeted based on previous ORGs, I'd be one of the first out. The moment Alfons gets online, I'm ratting this stupid alliance out to him. I'm tired of my messages blowing up with Blake spam. I've just been angry since this game began, and the only way to calm my anger is if Blake goes asap. He's not strategic or threatening, I just want him to stop annoying me.

Hooray for getting the lowest score in the challenge! At least it makes me look less threatening. Ash won it, so I had to give her a congratulations hug and everything like that. I don't know who she will put up for eviction, but I know I can't trust her completely because she's the type to make alliances with everyone. Also, hints were given out for everyone's secrets. But we don't know which hint goes to which person. Mine is going to become so obvious soon. Hahaha. But in all honesty, I couldn't even figure out which hint was mine. I'm gonna talk to Ash about an alliance, and she would keep me because I'm an easy ally. I just don't want her to nominate me first.

So Ash won and nominated Blake and Andrew. She told me she would ahead of time, so I wasn't surprised. They had meltdowns because she betrayed them. Hahaha. Ash agreed to align with me, and brought in Eddie and Joshie. Wesley might also be affiliated. Joshie antagonizes and threatens me all the time, but he makes me fall over laughing every time he does. Blake and Andrew confronted Ash about this, and she smack-talked them and their alliance in front of everyone. Haha, I love her. I talked to Eddie and I think we've decided on voting Blake first. All that needs to happen is for one of us to win POV and keep them the same. I don't want to look like a traitor, so I may just submit a bad score. But I might as well just submit a normal score, since I suck in challenges anyways. Ash will backstab me eventually, but I need her for now. Anyways, this season is super fun

A whole lot just occurred. Wesley and I were joking around, and Blake decided to join in and tell everyone Andrew's deepest and most personal secret. This caused Blake to be attacked, with only David and this Ethan guy (Who?) defending him. Blake got upset and now wants to quit. If he does, I won't have to vote him off. Alfons won POV and took Andrew off, so Ash put this Ethan guy there instead. But I think Blake quit, so the ceremony may be over. If he didn't quit, just the fact that he wanted to quit ensures 100% that I'm voting him



So I've been strategizing with Ash lately. Wesley and I have somewhat of an alliance, but it's more of a "who do you think we should nominate" type of thing, rather than an alliance. Ash was afraid that Eddie being nominated would screw up our plan to vote out Andrew. However, it's a good thing she won POV. So it's now Andrew vs Ahad. I'm most certainly voting Andrew, because I'm tired of the chat being spammed. I know Eddie and Ash are, too. Ash told me to convince Joshie to vote Andrew, but he's so hard to have conversations with. Also Andrew is strongly considering quitting, so we may be saved from voting him. Ash told me she wants Joshie out next, and Wesley told me the same. Even though Joshie and Ash are aligned. When I questioned Ash on why she wants an ally out, she replied with "F*ck allies". Kind of scary since I'm her ally. I told her I want to go to the end with her, to try and get her to trust me more. But she's super shady, and I don't trust her. I think I may need to calm my game down and be her sheep for a bit. It'll build her trust in me, and she'll keep me. At the same time I have alliances going with Eddie and Wesley. So as long as one of the three wins HoH from this point forward (Because we all know it won't be me), I should be safe.

This is great. Two allies up for eviction. The reason this is great is because I can devise a strategy from this. I voted for Joshie to keep Ash and Eddie's trust if they somehow found out who I voted for. However, I told Joshie I would be voting for Eddie. Ahad, Ash and I all voted Joshie, so three votes avoids suspicion. Alfons is set on voting Eddie, so I can possibly get David, "Ethan" and Nicholas to vote Eddie. 4-3 vote, proves my loyalty to my alliance and Eddie goes out. Joshie is then loyal to me for saving him.

However, if this plan fails, it's still a win-win situation. If Joshie goes down, I can still use the "I voted Joshie" card to make Eddie more loyal. The more allies you have, the better position you are in in this game. Since I can't win HoH, because that would make me have to betray an ally, its good to be aligned with everyone. That way, they won't nominate you.



Interesting revelation. Ethan accepted my friend request for the first time, so I took the liberty of checking his friend's list to see if I could track down some information. I realized that one thing on his friend list was not like the others. All of his friends are contestants from this, except for one. That one is a contestant from another Wiki. We've all been trying to figure out who Ethan really is (I personally think he's Johan-Amir), and I don't think he'd add one person to his friends list who isn't in the game, yet all his other friends are in the game. If I'm wrong with this guess, oh well. It's only points."

It's quite sad that Nick found out my secret, but it was inevitable. Basically, Ahad won HOH and I caught wind that he plans to use me as a pawn. Depending on who I'm a pawn to depends on if I'm screwed or not. Ash came to me and told me that she saved me, but now Wesley is being targeted. Well, better him than me. I'm aligned with Wesley, but if Ahad nominates him over me, that'll be good. Not one person would vote for Wesley no matter who he's up against. Me, on the other hand...

All I can say is, I make a very bad pawn. And Ash wants David out because she thinks he'll give her his points. She's basically gone insane for points. Good thing I don't have any, so she won't target me. Getting my secret found out actually helped me. Who would have thought?



Ash really did save me. Not that it mattered much since it was a fake eviction. But if I had been nominated, I most certainly would have been voted out/in. That would have only put a target on me, so the fact that she saved me really did help me out. She's getting really hard to talk to recently because of her depression, and she feels the need to insult me constantly. She's still my friend and I love her, so I'm being patient with her and taking the bullets, but I fear she may backstab me if her depression becomes too much to handle. Even though she specifically told me that she's got me, I'm not so sure she'll remain loyal after our last conversation. I hope I can trust Eddie and Wesley enough, because Ash may no longer be reliable. And Ahad will probably go against me if she is."

So I was told that I'm allowed to help people find out other people's secrets. I worked with Ash to figure out David's secret, so she could get his points. We came to the conclusion that his secret is that Ethan and David are brothers. That would explain why David talks about Ethan all the time. Ash says she's gonna nominate them next, and that they want her to nominate Wesley and I. It would make sense, because Wesley and I talk a lot so it may seem like we're close. But I'm also close to Ash. Of course I'd hear about it if they were after me. I got a little scared upon finding out they want me out, but Ash comforted me by saying she's the HoH, and not them. So as long as she nominates the brothers, all will be well



This is getting concerning. I've been helping Ash a lot, but I really think she's gonna backstab me. So Ahad asked me for an alliance with her ans Eddie. I accepted and told Ash about it. I asked if she wanted to go through with it and she replied with "Yeah, sure". I need to try and grow closer to her, because I don't think she plans to take me to the end. Especially because I'm always one of the last people safe when she wins HoH.

Also, Wesley won HoH and nominated Ethan and Nicholas. With David out, his brother can follow. But maybe everyone else has Nicholas in mind. But we can't make these type of decisions before the POV. I will continue to try and take Ash to the end with me, but if she backstabs me, she ain't getting my Jury vote.

Apparently Wesley sees me as a close ally. He told me that we were in the best position in the game, and that he wants to win POV badly so he can keep the nominations the same. If he wants to win it badly, that probably means he needs to betray people after this eviction and doesn't want to. So Wesley's trust is wavering. Currently Ash and Wesley have kept their secrets the longest. Ash told me that she's gonna win the next HoH to get the clue and figure out Wesley's. The problem with someone finding out Ash's is that she's my closest ally and I can't afford for her to have a disadvantage in the challenges. I've yet to make alliances with Ethan, Alfons or Nicholas. So I'm not in the best possible position right now. And I'm pretty sure any of the three would nominate me if they won HoH. So this is a bit frightening

Yeah!! I won POV!!! I'm super excited, because I've never won any challenges before. Not in this, nor any other ORG. I tried my ass off to win POV, just so Ethan or Nicholas didn't win it. I needed to keep them the same. It's good to get Wesley on my side, but it can also hurt me. I might have lost Nicholas' trust for this. But then again, so did Wesley. He'd probably nominate us if he won HoH. So I may want to pitch the idea of getting him out next. I don't know, though. I need to think everything through before I do it. But for now, I'm just happy to have a challenge win on my records.

Today's going great (Sarcasm). I don't think Nicholas took very kindly to me not using the POV on him. If he wins HoH, chances are high that he'll nominate Wesley and I. All this time, I've been trying to help Ash figure out other people's secrets. But today, Wesley told me not to guess his secret so we can keep the HoHs on our side. But Ash badly wants his points. So I'm kind of stuck here. I want my friend to be happy, but I need to keep the HoHs on my side. If Wesley is with me, that can help greatly.

I want to talk to Ash about this, but I don't know if she and Wesley are aligned or not. So I may screw myself with this decision. There is no way to please both of my friends, I'm at a loss right now.



So Ethan's out and it came down to Wesley and Ash to have their secrets figured out. Ash messaged me immediately asking to help her, and I figured the entire secret out and told her to guess it. She did, and got the points. So her and I are currently the only people with points. Damn, I've done so much to help her, if she betrays me there is no way in Hell she's getting my Jury vote.

The thing is, I figured out the secret, but no one can know that. :/ And no one will know it until after the show, so I can't take any credit for now. I'll let my buddy Ash take all the credit to keep the target off me. And we'd be screwed if the others knew I was helping her. I swore to her that I wouldn't guess her secret, so hopefully she trusts me a bit more. It would be an awful strategy to betray me when I'm protecting what she wants protected. We'll have to see...

Ash kicked my ass in the HoH. She told me her score, and with her advantage there is no possible way she can be beaten. Also, the targets are Nicholas and Alfons. But Ash said she's tempted to nominate Ahad. So Ash is willing to take me to at least final four before completely backstabbing me. All I can say is, she's not the smartest if she thinks she can beat Wesley in the finals. She also came to me and abruptly asked who I told her score to, when I didn't tell anyone. Then she said she was just paranoid.

This game is getting anything but easier as the numbers lessen. If Nicholas wins HoH, he's gonna nominate Wesley and I. I'm screwed, because no one will vote Wesley over me. If Alfons wins, he's probably gonna nominate Ash and I because we're the only ones with points. That is the worst possible thing that could happen. I'm praying that Ash wins this next HoH. Eddie doesn't stand a chance, and Wesley can't do the challenge, so Ahad and Ash are the only allies of mine that could win. This game sure does not get easier as it goes along

YES! Ash won HoH. Exactly how I wanted it to go. I came in second, as Ash and I were the only ones to surpass a six digit score. I'm really impressing myself with my challenge performance this season. Based on what she's told me, I can gather that there are three candidates for tonight. Two can be nominated, and if one of them gets POVed out, Ash will use the third as a replacement. Unless she backstabs me, which would be an awful strategy right now. But we're both currently concerned about someone finding out her secret. Her game gets screwed up, my game gets screwed up. She told me that I have to win next week, putting a lot of pressure on me. I'll give the next HoH everything I got. The next clue will probably greatly help Ash's secret be figured out, so I can't let anyone besides myself see the clue after that. She said she'll win the next HoH after me. We have to work hard at this game, and just maybe we can reach the end together. Just maybe...

So looking back at my old confessionals, I realize that I say the word "backstab" a lot. So henceforth, I shall never speak that accursed word again. Ash nominated Nicholas and Alfons, and as usual, I was one of the last people she saved. I told Wesley that Nicholas is the target, and I said I only "think" that, to hide from looking too strategic. So here is my current view on everyone: Ahad - An ally, but doesn't really do anything. I often forget he's playing. Hahaha. Alfons - Again, he doesn't do much of anything. He's basically a scapegoat for evictions, people just nominate him for the sake of having a second nomination. Ash - A great friend and ally, but she's a cutthroat player. She'll probably keep me at the most two more weeks. Eddie - Inactive. If he fails to submit a score or vote one more time, he's getting disqualified. Nicholas - Once again, he doesn't do anything. But trust issues are large with him, so it's best if he goes next. Wesley - Seems trustworthy. For all I know, he could be playing me. He's not the type to overplay, though. So with this assessment, I thought some things out and made plans. Ash is aligned with me, but also with Ahad, Eddie, Nicholas and Wesley. However, I doubt Nicholas will trust her anymore. If Eddie gets disqualified, I'd actually be somewhat happy. Here's my reasoning: With four or five allies remaining, plus always saving me pretty close to last, Ash's power needs to be weakened. By that I mean, she needs to have less allies. That way, I'm not at the bottom of the ally pole. If Eddie disqualifies himself, that would be good. Plus it would get an inactive out of the game and the season might be saved. I have a plan to turn Ash on Ahad, but it's a very long stretch. The plan goes as such: Tell Ash that Ahad is plotting against her because he deems her as a threat. I may also want to say it was over Skype so she doesn't ask for screenshots. This is just a thought, I don't know if I'll actually have to sink as low as to do this strategy. And I sure hope I don't have to. One of my main concerns, however, is how close Ash and Wesley may be. But I shall worry about that later. I need to rest after writing the longest confessional ever...

Everyone stand back! There is a new challenge beast in the mansion! Two POVs in a row, and working to win the next HoH. And Ash told me she's proud of me, so yay! I had to keep Nicholas and Alfons as the nominations. Nicholas needs to go. And if I win next HoH (which I plan to), I need to nominate Alfons once again, as a scapegoat most likely. Alongside either Ahad or Eddie. I would prefer to nominate him alongside Ahad, because Eddie is most likely gonna disqualify himself. So why waste a nomination on him? We just might use this to get Alfons out, but I would rather rid of Ahad. He's better in challenges, and has alignments. As I said in my last confessional, I need to lessen the ally pole.

So I'm writing this confessional in the middle of class in school, and will get in big trouble if I get seen doing this. XD

Anyways, I've been thinking. If Ash wants me and Wesley with her in the final three, she might want to take Wesley to the finals over me. That would be an awful strategic decision, and would cost her my Jury vote. But I need to help the two realize that I'm not the biggest threat to go to the end. That way, if we end up as the final three, no matter who wins the final challenge will take me. This will be tough, but it's worth a shot.



So Nicholas is out, and we have reached the final six. Alfons also told me that he doesn't care about this game, so I really hope he doesn't win HoH, because he will screw the chances of someone who actually wants to play. Though, Ash made it clearer than daylight that I 100% need to win the next HoH. I don't think I will... But I can't let her down. This is such a pressure-filled position to be in. Ugh. At this point it's either win HoH or be screwed. Even if Wesley wins it, he's gonna figure out Ash's secret. This aggravates me a lot. And I feel the only person in the house that I can't trust right now is Alfons. I swear, I'd better not be screwed over by someone who doesn't even want to be here.

So I talked to Ash at 1:50 AM -_-, and she was good with me nominating Ahad and Alfons if I win next HoH. I was gonna suggest to her that we cut Ahad next, but before I could, she told me we were going to. And with this face: :))))))))))))))))))))). I'm not a fan of betraying people, but it's necessary if I want to make it further. Ahad needs to go next.

So I am a "Fan Favorite", so I got Immunity and was exempt from HoH. Clearly screwing up Ash and I's plans. I have a lot of friends that have been keeping up with this season, so it doesn't really surprise me that I won the Immunity.

Alfons won HoH (ironic, after my last confessional), and I am so happy to be immune. I think he would nominate me and Ash if I wasn't. Because he knows how close we are. I have no idea who he wants to nominate, and that thought scares me a lot. Even if I was allowed to compete for HoH, there is no way I would have beaten his score in that challenge. Also, with Ash and I sitting out of the challenge, results were posted super early. That probably means Ash and I are often the ones keeping back results being posted. It's not surprising, really. Ash and I's timezone is different from everyone else's. When Ash and I are sleeping, everyone else is wide awake. Oh well. At least results are up quickly and I have time to talk to Alfons before he picks his nominations.

If he nominates Ash and Wesley and I win POV, I'm screwed. I then have to pick between my two closest allies and friends to use POV on. Of course I'd use it on Ash, but then Wesley would deem me a traitor. But I don't think Alfons will nominate Ahad... This is really tough.

So Alfons made it very clear that he nominated the two I didn't want him to. Ash and Wesley. I told Ash I would win POV and use it on her, and we agreed Alfons needs to go next. Hooray, he upgraded from pawn to target. I can't let either Ash or Wesley be evicted, for they're both my closest allies. Alfons will pay for nominating them. He will

So after reading the rules more thoroughly, apparently the Immunity blocks me from competing in the POV. Not that that's a bad thing, because I can easily convince Ahad or Eddie to use POV on Ash. And if Wesley wins it, he'll probably selfishly use it on himself. I'm sure whoever the replacement is will get voted out over Ash. If Alfons wins and keeps them the same, I'll have to vote out Wesley. I'm going to start talking to Ahad and Eddie about using POV on Ash. I don't see the point in talking to Eddie about it, though. Since there's no chance he'll win it. But I can't and won't let Ash be evicted. Not for anything

So with Wesley and Ash (my two closest allies) being nominated by Alfons, and kept the same by him, things are looking great. If Wesley goes, that will get rid of the person Ash is probably the closest to. Meaning that she'll have to keep me close. And basically, she went and told Alfons a bunch of lies. Then Alfons told me what she said in order to get me to vote her. He also called me her sheep. :/ But I knew they were lies from the start, and I can tell in Ash's tone that she wants to take me to the end.

So I came up with a plan and proposed it to her:

Wesley goes at this ceremony. Then Ash wins the next HoH and we evict Alfons, who won't be able to compete, leaving me as the second strongest physical house guest. Second only to Ash, who won't be allowed to play. That way, I can win the HoH after that. However, neither of us really know how final fours work in Big Brother. So...

But as long as Ash and I can alternate HoH wins until the end, we can be the final two!

So apparently there was a hosting mistake and Alfons actually used the POV on Wesley and replaced him with Eddie. Better yet, Wesley is now against both Ash and I. Better yet, everyone sees me as Ash's sheep. Better yet, I'm so getting nominated if either Ash or I don't win next HoH. Best position ever. Alfons is also being a huge idiot, because he has no idea that he's making himself a bigger and bigger target the more he puts Ash on a throne and claims that I'm her sheep. I already talked to Ahad about it. We're now supposedly going to vote Eddie. Unless someone is a big liar. If Ash goes, I go after her. Shoot.



So... I'm going next. Apparently Wesley is gonna nominate me, because he now knows I voted for him thanks to the host mistake. I can't beat my highest score in the HoH, and Ash, my only back-up, hasn't even bothered to do it. The moment it was announced that there was a hosting mistake AFTER the votes were read, I knew I was screwed. There is no hope for me, because I can't beat my score and Ash hasn't tried the challenge and I don't think she will. The only eligible person to win is Wesley. He calls me a sheep, yet he sees me as big enough of a threat to nominate. Something's wrong with his mind. So... I guess this very well may be my last confessional. The Jury house better be waiting for me.



So Ash and I are now in the final four, and Alfons' ass is out! So with Wesley sitting out of the next HoH, Ash can easily win it. We need to nominate him next, and evict him. He nominated me, he must pay. XD

I had to try and get Wesley to nominate Alfons, because he wanted to nominate Ash. Then she convinced Ahad to vote Alfons over me. So we pretty much saved each other. This season is reaching the end quickly, and it's getting scarier and scarier. Let's hope for the best.

YES! YES! YES! Ash and I have guaranteed spots in the final three! I won POV and I'm voting out whoever is up against Ash. Be it Wesley or Ahad. Then we'll have to try really hard to win the final HoH. Ash and I need to be the final two, it'll be the perfect ending to this exciting adventure.

I hope Ahad or Ash wins HoH, so I can vote out Wesley. He's a cool guy, but I think he's gonna win if he makes it past this stage. He can easily stomp both Ash and I in the final HoH and win over the Jury votes. Ash may also be a Jury threat, but she's pissed a lot of people off. Ahad has done nothing, so the Jury has nothing to hold against him. Even if I wasn't loyal to Ash, she's my best pick to take to the end. Let's just see how this HoH plays out...

Also, Ash and I are trying to come up with an alliance name so we can have a page for it when the season is done. XD



Yay! Final WEEK! Wesley won HoH, and I voted Ahad out. So me, Wesley and Ash are the final three! I got here with my two closest allies, wow. And the thing is, it would be the smartest move for either of them to bring me to the end. I hope they realize that. XD I'm happy to be this far, and happy to have Ash with me still. Usually in ORGs I don't make it this far with my alliance buddy if I have a duo alliance. I love this final three, because Wesley and Ash are both awesome. If I go next, Ash has my Jury vote 100%. Unless she's the one to vote me out. In that case, Wesley has my Jury vote 100%. One more HoH to go, and it will the finals.

So Ash and I are determined to make it to the end together. I need to win this first part of HoH, so Ash can beat Wesley in the second. Then it doesn't matter who wins the final part. Luckily, I am a master at this challenge. I have so much experience with it, and by the end of the night I should have it beaten. It's basically a challenge about thinking and reacting. One flash game I'm actually good at. XD

I'll let Ash and Wesley duke it out. Ash has a better chance of beating him than I do, and as long as Ash and I are in the final round, we're set. Yay!

So I was having a conversation with Ash super early in the morning. We realized that we're the last of the Taco alliance. XD Kind of ironic, isn't it? But I was able to complete the challenge completely. So unless Wesley did so as well, I should win this part. As I said in my last confessional, it's best if Ash and Wesley go against each other for the second part. In any challenge other than this, I can't beat Wesley. If Ash beats me in the final round, at least my ally has the ability to determine who goes to the end.

So the final part of the final HoH is me vs Ash. We were told to send in our choices of who to evict early, so results would be up early. Supposedly we both voted Wesley, so it should be set in stone that Ash and I are the final two. Out of everyone in this season, Ash is the one I'd want to go to the end with the most. If she wins, I'll be just as happy as if I won. I didn't expect that her and I would make it this far together, but I'm ecstatic that we did

Ash has become super shady lately. I'm sure she won the HoH, but I don't think she's gonna take me to the end. She probably thinks she can get my Jury vote, but seriously, does she even know how this game works? You betray me, I don't vote for you in the end. Simple. If she does betray me, I really enjoyed this game and this is one of the funnest ORGs I've ever played. And Wesley, congratulations on winning.



"Hello. I'm depressed as fuck while writing this, so I apologize if it's blunt. Before I ask my questions, I feel the need to address you both on gameplay and such.

I'll start with Wesley. You played a good game, both socially and strategically. You were one of the few players in this season that actually talked to me. I greatly respect how you could make it to the end without a specific alliance.

So my complaint to you is, you lie too much. E.g. Telling me you were gonna nominate Ahad and Alfons, then nominating me. I've been criticized for unnecessary lying in the past in ORGs, so maybe you could improve on that. But all in all, there is a 99% chance that you'll get my vote. Great game, Wesley.

Now my dear friend Juda-- I mean Ash. I have a lot to get out at you, so sit tight. As you said in Nepal "Congrats, it’s time for your karma to emerge. You’re at our mercy now, so I hope you’re ready.

Okay, here we go... I trusted you. You were my friend, my ally, the one who was always there for me. You saved me numerous times, and I saved you numerous times. I helped you, I did so much for you. I helped you find out secrets so you could guess them. I did it out of friendship. I loved you. You were like family to me. We talked every day, Hell, I stayed up whole nights talking to you. We had a long conversation before results were posted and you put it into my head that I would be sitting there with you right now. Then when I said results would be posted shortly, you said you had to go. I knew then that you voted me. Results were posted and I fell to the floor crying my eyes out. My soul is crushed, there is a black spot where my heart once was, and I am emotionally dead. And you killed me.

I called you the greatest ally I've ever had. I called you my best friend. There was not one single time throughout this whole game that I wanted to betray you. From the start, I knew I wanted to go to the end with you. We were so close to it. I had your back, I was with you. I defended you in arguments. I stuck by you. You told me not once, not twice, but three times "I got you". Well, you got me alright. Pretty good.

No matter what anyone else said, I was loyal to you. I've had trouble continuing on with life after what you did to me. I thought it was 100% us to the end. Well, here you are. That other person there doesn't look like me, though. Let me ask you something:

Ash: Was it worth it? WAS IT FUCKING WORTH IT!?!?!! I hope you're fucking happy. You broke me. I am fucking dead. You cared so fucking much about winning this game that you screwed me and our friendship. I can probably forgive you when this is done, but our friendship is gonna have a huge ass stain on it. After all I fucking did for you, was it worth it?!?!?!?!?!?! I hope so. Because you broke my heart and it can never be fixed. No matter how many times you apologize. There is a highly unlikely chance you will be getting my vote. Fucking peace, darling <3

Now that that's done with, onto the questions! This is a social game, and I talked to you two more than anyone else, so let's see how much you know about me and what you feel. Answer them honestly, I can read syntax and tell when you're lying.
1. What do you think of me as a person?
2. What do you think of me as a player?
3. Besides myself, who is my favorite main ORG winner?
4. How close of friends do you feel we are?
5. What's my favorite musical?

Now, for my dear Ash only. Did you honestly think you could get my vote after fucking backstabbing me? Thank you. I will not say congratulations, but you both did well. One better than the other."