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Secret Story 7 All-Stars - Battle Royale

Placement 17/18 ▼
Popularity 4.13%
HoH(s) held 0
PoV(s) held 0
Challenge(s) Won 1
Faced Evictions 1
Vote(s) Against 11
Day(s) Lasted 16

Alfons in France
Contestant Profile

Secret Story 1

Placement 5/12
Popularity 10.06%
HoH(s) held 1
PoV(s) held 2
Challenge(s) Won 3
Faced Evictions 2
Vote(s) Against 2
Day(s) Lasted 57

Statistics of Lukas
Seasons competed 2
Average Popularity 8.87%
Total HoHs 1
Total PoVs 2
Total Challenges 4
Total Nominations 3
Total Votes 13
Total Days 73

Lukas originally known as Alfons and orignally from Switzerland is a two-time Secret Story player appearing on the first and seventh seasons of Secret Story. Known for being quiet in the beginning of the game, once Lukas gained control of the game he wasn't afraid to stir the pot and cause mayhem.

Secret Story 7 All-Stars - Battle Royale Edit

Lukas was one of the 18 returning All-Stars in Secret Story 7 All-Stars - Battle Royale.

Lukas's Voting History
Week Lukas's
Votes against
Week 1 BotB Winner
(with Brian)
Mikey n/a
Week 2 Nominated Sam Ahad, Ash, Blaine, Brian, Cinderella, CJ,
David, Gavin, Isaac, Lucas, Sam
(Day 16)

Confessionals Edit

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So I messaged everyone I give a shit about: Brian, Ash and Isaac. And they all seem pretty keen on working with me, except fuck Brian takes ages to respond... that means we are perfectly alike! I just wanna go all-out in this season, just throw everything at it from the get-go.


I really can't be fucked with the whole "I'm sorry I didn't know you well thing", because quite frankly I couldn't care less as long as it's not me.


Secret Story 1 Edit

Alfons was one of the original 12 contestants on the first season of Secret Story 1. Alfons lasted 57 days in the house and won 3 competitions (1 HoH, 2 Vetos). His secret was that he lost his virginity when he was 14. His secret was discovered on Day 22 by Wesley. He was evicted on Day 57 in a 2-0 vote against Luke.

Alfons's Voting History
Week Alfons's
Votes against
Week 1 Veto Holder Blake n/a
Week 2 Safe Refused n/a
Safe Eddie n/a
Week 3 Safe Refused n/a
Week 4 Safe David n/a
Week 5 Safe Ethan n/a
Week 6 Nominated Not eligible none
Week 7 Head of House
Veto Holder
Didn't vote Exempt
Week 8 Replacement
Not eligible Ahad,
(Day 57)

Confessionals Edit

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Another deadline missed! Well that sucks. And I'm surprised to see that I'm still safe... odd, really!! They won't vote me out as long as they think I'm not playing the game... so keeping a low profile could work for me. So, I have convinced many people that I have not even been playing the game! I didn't plan for this to happen, but it's perfect!


Week 7

If I win this challenge... the wind is on my side..


Jury Speech

Ash, you played a very elusive game. But that shit doesn't matter to me. In the context of "Big Brother", I'd rather be the person who loses by making the game entertaining than the person who wins boringly.

Your fault in this aspect of the game was carrying LsheeP from start to almost the end. I give you credit for getting him out, better late than never... but better on-time than late.

I just have one question for you. If I am to give you my vote, I demand something in return. A promise that one day you will accept my promise... don't you dare ask questions on what this may be, but it's definitely within reason. Accept this promise and you receive my vote, if you decline Wesley gets my vote.

Wesley, to be honest, my whole elimination did NOT make sense to me. You nominate Ahad and LP, and later I'm swapped there, and LP, the most boring person in the game, goes out over me??? Regardless of what you say to me, you receiving my vote will depend on what Ash says.

Thank you, well... to be frank I'm not really thankful to either of you.