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Secret Story 7 All-Stars - Battle Royale

Placement 16/18 ▼
Popularity 1.65%
HoH(s) held 1
PoV(s) held 0
Challenge(s) Won 1
Faced Evictions 1
Vote(s) Against 11
Day(s) Lasted 23

Contestant Profile

Secret Story 6 - Heaven & Hell

Placement 1/16
Popularity 13.58%
HoH(s) held 4
PoV(s) held 4
Challenge(s) Won 9
Faced Evictions 2
Vote(s) Against 3
Day(s) Lasted 100

Statistics of Lucky
Seasons competed 2
Average Popularity 11.47%
Total HoHs 5
Total PoVs 4
Total Challenges 10
Total Nominations 3
Total Votes 14
Total Days 123

Lucky is a two-time Secret Story player appearing and winning the sixth season of Secret Story ORG and returning the next season as an All-Star. Lucky is most known for deceiving his fellow alliance members and making ruthless moves that advanced his game. He eventually won the game despite making several enemies along the way.

Secret Story 7 All-Stars - Battle Royale Edit

Lucky was one of the 18 returning All-Stars in Secret Story 7 All-Stars - Battle Royale.

Lucky's Voting History
Week Lucky's
Votes against
Week 1 Safe Mikey n/a
Week 2 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 3 Replacement
Gavin Ahad, Ash, Brian, Cinderella, Dallas, Gavin,
Isaac, Johnny, Marco, Patryk, Sam
(Day 23)

Confessionals Edit

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Ok so three days of peace are done, back into Secret Story mode. I'm excited!


Tbh, I don't really like any of these people.. Getting on over Natalie, She's prob mad at me lol.


I geniunely hate everyone in this cast


Ash is dominating this game tbh. Am I the only one that notices?



Ella literally has the worst social game. Everyone knows she has an alliance with everyone.Lucky


Tbh this cast isn't made of allstars. Every single one legit thinks people don't know they are playing both sides. It's so obvious lol.


You best not be thinkin I'm going home without a fight.


Secret Story 6 - Heaven & Hell Edit

Preceded by
Secret Story 5
Champion of Secrets
Secret Story 6
Succeeded by
Secret Story 7

Lucky is one of the sixteen contestants that participated in the ORG's sixth iteration, Secret Story 6 - Heaven & Hell.

Lucky's Voting History
Week Lucky's
Votes against
Week 1 Safe Amber &
Not eligible Calvin,
Week 2 Safe Natalie n/a
Week 3 Immune Eviction Cancelled n/a
Week 4 Immune Johnny n/a
Week 5 Immune Joey n/a
Week 6 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 7 Immune Eviction Cancelled n/a
Week 8 Safe Dallas n/a
Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 9 Replacement
Not eligible Tadd
Week 10 Veto Holder Natalie n/a
Week 11 Veto Holder Hannah n/a
Week 12 Veto Holder Tadd n/a
Week 13 Head of House
Veto Holder
Didn't vote Exempt
Week 14 Head of House Allison Exempt
Jury votes
for Lucky
Allison, Dallas, Hannah,
Johnny, Natalie, Tadd
(Day 100)

Confessionals Edit

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Well, if I win, Tadd is going to be like omg were friends, use it on me. And I'm going to be like no bitch. Joey is prob not gonna say anything cause that's Joey. I use it on Joey, Hannah goes up as a Rep, cause Tommy and Allison are like besties. Then Hannah goes home, and I become HoH because everyone else has penalties. So dats me plan. I promised myself coming into this game to entertain the VL.



Hey, VL! So I'm in an extremely powerful duo and we are both killing these challenges. I was extremely quiet in the very beginning, but we're at Week 6 and its time for the real Lucky to come out. These bitches better beware. Lucky is in it to win it.



I'm literally in the stupidest alliance ever. Oh yeah let's target Calvin and James.The two floaters who can't win a comp. Dallas should have put Tadd in hell. Get rid of someone that can actually win a comp but no. James and Calvin... K. I swear on myself, next time i win HoH I'm getting rid of Dallas. Let's keep the Sab. That's smart. If they really think this Kumbayah shit will work until Final Five they are absolute idiots.



So, People want me to take out Dallas, people want me to take out Hannah. I'm not exactly sure what to do. I think I Need to get rid of one threat at a time. But if Dallas goes home the others will know it was me who flipped. I'm taking such a big risk aligning with Johnny and Tadd. But I think it's the right time to take a risk.


Ok so this vote is really hard. It's either Hannahor Dallas. Ofc both of them are in my alliance. Allison really wants me to vote Dallas. But I'm not gonna do her dirty work, which is why I vote to evict Hannah. Sorry not Sorry.



K, so, this is my plan. Hopefully I win HoH this week. I'm going to nom Tadd and Natalie. I don't care which one goes home, preferably Natalie. Tadd wins HoH the week after against the rocks, I mean, Allison and Hannah, noms them, hopefully I win Veto, and don't use it, then Allison goes home, returnee comes. I win HoH, nom Tadd/returnee, Tadd goes home, ally with returnee, returnee wins HoH, gets rid of Hannah, I win Final HoH, and send returnee home, I beat James cause anyone will beat James. I think a lot about this game lol...



OMG! I am so happy rn. I just won F4 HOH and am guaranteed a chance to play in the Final HOH!!! My plan this week is to get rid of the only threat left, Natalie. I need to fight so hard for this veto!



Srsly Allison, like shut up. "I wish we can stay in the beginning of the game" like rlly? I came here to win not to make friendships bracelets



Well, here we all are.

100 days ago, I entered this game, not knowing what it was all about. Now at Day 100, I am proud of the game I played and I hope that you all respect it.

By far, this ORG has been the most effort I've ever put into any ORG. Any moment I was awake, I was thinking of different scenarios throughout the game, I was thinking of numbers and alliances, and I was thinking of who I needed to get out next.

I entered the house with no idea of the type of game I wanted to play. During the Heaven/Hell phase, I played under the radar and “worked” with everybody, which allowed me to be safe for a majority of this time. When I won HOH, I wanted to get no blood on my hands by nominating two floaters, Evan and Calvin, and evicting Evan.

When Natalie and Johnny returned, I had to decide which side of the house to work with. I had to choose from Dallas, Natalie, Allison, Hannah, and Tommy or Johnny and Tadd. James was immune at the time so I knew I was close enough with him to just tell him who to vote for. I chose both, which was probably the best decision I made in the game. Luckily, Johnny won HOH so I was safe for the week. I reached an epiphany when Dallas and Hannah were nominated. I chose to evict Dallas, which was ultimately the vote that sent him home. I didn’t want to keep Dallas, a challenge beast, over Hannah, who I knew I could beat in challenges. Then, the instant eviction came. Originally, my plan was to nominate Tommy before veto. I knew that nobody had anything against Tommy. I wanted to take him out before it was too late. However, I decided to nominate Natalie and Hannah. Luckily for me, Tommy ended up going on the block and going home. Then I was nominated against Johnny. I was able to use the trust that I had with the girls to get the votes to stay. Allison won HOH and Natalie and Tadd were nominated. I won veto and made arguably the biggest move in the game. I used veto on Tadd, which put up Hannah, and guaranteed Natalie’s eviction, for the second time. Because I saved Tadd the week before, he won HOH and kept me safe. Then I knew Natalie was going to return AGAIN *eye roll* so I decided to make a “deal.” I threw HOH to Natalie and she kept me safe. I evicted Tadd, who I knew would be able to beat me in HOH in the next week. I won F4 HOH and my plan the whole week was to do whatever it took to get rid of Natalie before the F3. I spent three hours on the veto competition. I won the competition, saved James, who I made sure sent home Natalie.

Then, I won final HOH and had to send home Allison. I knew the jurors would respect the under the radar game that Allison played. My strategy in the game was to play it week by week. In addition to winning competitions, I worked with whichever ally would protect me for the week. In the end, I only cared about my game and nobody else’s. I made deals with almost everyone. I only kept the ones that would benefit my game. I am proud to say that I am the reason every single juror is sitting on the jury. Some jurors may be bitter about it, which I hope not, but I hope most jurors will respect that I played everyone. Dallas, I was the deciding vote that resulted in Johnny sending you home. The fact that you were the Saboteur and that I had the worst relationship with you out of anyone in the jury resulted in my vote to evict you. You were a competition BEAST and I knew that I had to get you out if I wanted to win some competitions.

Johnny, I pushed for you to go home this week. However, it resulted in me going on the block with you. Luckily, things went in my favor and you went home instead of me. You dominated in challenges too. Tommy, everybody loved you. Nobody was out to get Tommy. You also were going crazy about keeping Dallas. These were the reasons you were on my radar. I was lucky that Natalie won veto and it just so happened that there were enough votes to evict you.

Hannah, out of me, you, and Allison, I trusted you the least and I trusted Allison a lot. In addition to finishing close behind me in some of the competitions, I knew that you had to go. You are such an amazing person and I love you so much.

Tadd, you were a great ally - loyal, trustworthy, and smart. I knew back when I used veto on you that I eventually had to get rid of you because you could beat me in competitions. I hope you forgive me because I would love to work with you some other time.

Natalie, I had to evict you THREE TIMES. That’s how amazing of a player you are. I am 100% positive that if it were me and you in the final two, it would be 7-0 vote in your favor. I’m sorry for having to keep it secret from you, but it had to be done.

Allison, you were my best ally in the game and you were by far, the best ally I've ever had in an ORG game. You always trusted me and I always trusted you. There was not one second that I thought you might betray me. There was only one reason I didn’t take you to Final Two. You would beat me. You were a strong well-rounded player and none of the jurors had anything against you. That is why I had to get rid of you. I really love you so much and I hope that we can work together another time.

I won EIGHT competitions in total (4 HOHs and 4 vetoes), in addition to having a great social game in my opinion, which is why I believe I should be Secret Story 6’s Champion of Secrets. I ask for all of your votes because of all the effort that I put into this game. I’m up for any questions. I just want to thank Marish and the cast for such an amazing season. I hope you guys all had as much fun as I did. I want to close my speech with something Allison said a few days ago.

Allison told me that I was the wild cannon of the season. She said that I made moves that nobody could predict. That's what I set out to do and that's what I did, and it is why I am very happy with the game I played. Please don't vote for the person that didn't betray you or vote you out. Vote for the person who fought with all his heart to be where he's at now. Vote for the person who played the best game. Thank you and I love you all!