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Secret Story 4.1 - The Mystery Of Salem

Placement 8/16
Popularity 7.44%
HoH(s) held 1
PoV(s) held 1
Challenge(s) Won 2
Faced Evictions 1
Vote(s) Against 3
Day(s) Lasted 65

Secret Story 4.1 - The Mystery of Salem Edit

Jamie was one of the contestants for the re-boot revival of Secret Story ORG, 4.1 - The Mystery of Salem.

Jamie's Voting History
Week Jamie's
Votes against
Week 1 Veto Holder Eviction Cancelled n/a
Week 2 Safe Norbert n/a
Week 3 Safe Motherhen n/a
Week 4 Safe Daniel n/a
Week 5 Safe Reid n/a
Week 6 Head of House Didn't Vote Exempt
Week 7 Safe Hunter n/a
Week 8 Safe Kevin n/a
Week 9 Nominated Not eligible Blaine, Gavin,
(Day 65)

Confessionals Edit

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As HoH, I think it's in my best interests to just get out people who I don't speak to or that I know little about, so that I exit the week with as little enemies as possible. I was also promised safety from Gavin, and I speak to Jaylen and Tyler R somewhat so hopefully one of those 3 win HoH in the upcoming weeks



Congratulations both of you on making it to the end! Both of your games seem to be polar opposites — one being the predator, the other being the prey. I have a few questions but I think I’m already set on who I’m voting, so I’ll just keep them short and sweet.


1) You were the saboteur. How did you manage to stay hidden and how did it affect your game?

2) You won loads of competitions yet were never nominated. Do you think this was because of your social game or because you knew more people than Patryk next to you?


1) You were nominated time after time after time. Why do you think that is and how did you manage to survive so many times?

2) Blaine won way more competitions and was never nominated. Why should you get my vote over him, despite statistics saying he had better gameplay?

Again, I’m pretty set on who I’m voting for but these jury speeches could change everything. A lot of who I vote for comes down to jury management so good luck guys, and congratulations again!