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Secret Story 6 - Heaven & Hell

Placement 2/16
Popularity 7.34%
HoH(s) held 0
PoV(s) held 0
Challenge(s) Won 1
Faced Evictions 2
Vote(s) Against 0
Day(s) Lasted 100

Secret Story 6 - Heaven & Hell Edit

James is one of the sixteen contestants that participated in the ORG's sixth iteration, Secret Story 6 - Heaven & Hell.

James's Voting History
Week James's
Votes against
Week 1 Safe Pydo &
Immune Tyler n/a
Week 2 Immune Natalie n/a
Week 3 Immune Eviction Cancelled n/a
Week 4 Immune Tommy n/a
Week 5 Immune Joey n/a
Week 6 Immune Calvin n/a
Week 7 Nominated Not eligible Eviction Cancelled
Week 8 Safe Dallas n/a
Immune Hannah n/a
Week 9 Immune Johnny n/a
Week 10 Immune Natalie n/a
Week 11 Immune Hannah n/a
Week 12 Nominated Not eligible none
Week 13 Saved
by Lucky
Natalie n/a
Week 14 Nominated Not eligible none
Jury votes
for James
(Day 100)

Confessionals Edit

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I hope my alliance with Tadd, Joey, Johnny, and Calvin can stay strong. Protecting Joey was better for my game since she is my partner. I really hope we are able to get another member for a little more of a majority



I hope I'm not nominated



I am floating my way through this game. I hope I end up next to Tadd since I'll be sure to win. Not lucky though... not lucky ever. lucky is too big of a threat. I'm too loyal, too funny, too nice. I did nothing but if I win, this will be one memorable season



Wow. I've never made it this far in an org. Being here in the final 2 is a huge honor. Now most of you on the jury, think I've done nothing but float the entire game. The entire game, I was making moves I needed to make.

Natalie, I'm sorry for giving up on the plan to evict Lucky, I just wanted to stick to who I trusted before. Allison, I would've evicted you, but you know I would take you as well if I could.

Dallas, the only reason I voted to evict you was because your the saboteur.

Tommy, I'm not sure if I actually voted to evict you, but I hope you have no hard feelings against me. Johnny, I am extremely sorry I voted to evict you. Lucky and I had a deal to make it to the finals together, and that started with me having to evict you Johnny, one of my best friends I've met from orgs.

Hannah, I evicted you only mainly because it was hard to win against you in my opinion.

Finally, Tadd. Tadd, we've been aligned since Joey recruited me to be apart of her alliance, which was around the second eviction. It's so fun to talk to you. You were evicted because of me, but it's not my cause. I wasn't evicted only because people wanted you out. Our trust in this game can not be broken, and we be awesome for you to vote me.

As to all of you, here is basically my gameplay. Joey and I obviously had an alliance. Calvin, Tadd, Johnny.. they were with us. When Joey got evicted, our alliance started to fall apart, and I needed to fight for survival.

One of my strategies, was to convince people. I would usually never throw someone under the bus, but I have done it before. I remained honest the entire game to everyone I had to. This is why Natalie's plan to evict Lucky failed. I was honest with my ally.

My allies are who I trusted. Who I trust, is who I trust. Who I trust, is who I want to sit next to. That's the whole saying that based off my game. This is by far the best org I've played, since I've had so much complaining/playing with you awesome people.

It would mean the world for you to vote for me, to help me win this org. Vote James to win his first org #VoteForJames