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Secret Story 7 All-Stars - Battle Royale

Placement 6/18 ▼
Popularity 8.58%
HoH(s) held 1
PoV(s) held 0
Challenge(s) Won 4
Faced Evictions 4
Vote(s) Against 14
Day(s) Lasted 86

Isaac SS3 ingame
Contestant Profile

Secret Story III - Resurrection

Placement 3/13
Popularity 10.82%
HoH(s) held 2
PoV(s) held 0
Challenge(s) Won 3
Faced Evictions 5
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 69

Statistics of Isaac
Seasons competed 2
Average Popularity 9.60%
Total HoHs 3
Total PoVs 0
Total Challenges 7
Total Nominations 9
Total Votes 19
Total Days 155

Isaac is a two-time Secret Story player originally appearing on the third season and later returning for the All-Stars season. Known for being the last to be evicted Isaac was unable to take out the power duo in his season and ended up third. He was known for guessing several times and discovering many secrets during his time in the game.

Secret Story 7 All-Stars - Battle Royale Edit

Isaac was one of the 18 returning All-Stars in Secret Story 7 All-Stars - Battle Royale.

Isaac's Voting History
Week Isaac's
Votes against
Week 1 Immune Mikey n/a
Week 2 Safe Lukas n/a
Week 3 Immune Lucky n/a
Week 4 Safe Lucas n/a
Week 5 Replacement
Patryk Blaine, Brian, CJ,
Marco, Patryk
Week 6 Immune Refused n/a
Week 7 BotB Winner
(with Blaine)
Marco n/a
Week 8 BotB Winner
(with Blaine)
Marco n/a
Week 9 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 10 Replacement
Brian Ash, Blaine,
Week 11 Replacement
Marco Cinderella, Johnny,
Week 12 Nominated Johnny Blaine, Cinderella,
(Day 86)

Confessionals Edit

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Oh fuck, here I go again.

Secret Story is an enigmatic ORG for me. Mainly in that it’s probably the only ORG I’ve EVER come close to winning, in my entire career. That’s unusual, considering how much I suck at Big Brother. Figures.

I definitely feel like my biggest mistake last season was my strategic game. I often took a backseat while Sharky, Charley and Lucas pulled the big strings. While I was the favourite of the F3, it soon became clear to me that even if I made F2, I wouldn’t have much to say for myself in a jury situation. I came back here for another season to change that, and to be frank I’m pretty confident. I was hidden in Secret Story despite winning two HoHs and guessing 3 secrets, and even though my game will be bigger I feel like I can still do well.

Anyways, here’s Wonderwall! jkjk, here’s my cast assessment –

AHAD: Ahad and I had a decent friendship back in the past. It’s been a while, but I think we’ll reconnect on some level. Game-wise, he could be a good ally.

ASH: Ash and I are pretty close outside of the ORG, so we and CJ will most likely form a F3. With that said, she is a MASSIVE game player and I have no intention of keeping a F3 promise should it be made.

BLAINE: Blaine is a cool guy; we starting talking again on a recent ORG so I think we will end up being allies at some point. However, like Ash, he’s a big player. No chance of me taking him to F2.

BRIAN: This guy does NOT like me, not even a little. Frankly, I don’t either. I’m calling early boot.

CJ: CJ and I haven’t talked in a while, but Ash and him are really close so the three of us will probably align. I can totally see Ash taking CJ over me for a F2 deal though, so again, no chance.

DALLAS: Dallas and I aren’t really close; I only just refriended him. Hoping that doesn’t affect me.

DAVID: David and I are like brothers outside the game, and it won’t be different inside of it. We’re going to align and hopefully we can stay together throughout the whole game with non-conflicting moves.

ELLA: I don’t know Ella, but having seen her in Azerbaijan on the main ORG she seems like a contender. With that said, her jury management was off so if I go against her in an F2 I might be pretty set.

GAVIN: Gavin is another person I don’t know at all. Seems like a nice guy though.


JOHNNY: I hosted him back on the Survivor Wiki. Nice guy, very well-spoken. I think he and I will get along swimmingly.

LUCAS: Oh boy, this guy. The reason I didn’t win SS3 was his showmance with Sam, and also his Coup. He’s on my hitlist for sure.

LUCKY: I don’t know if he’ll last long, unless he’s lucky. *ba-dum-tis*

LUKAS: Lukas will either be inactive or take over the game. Maybe even both.

MARCO: Apparently this guy is a sleuth with the Salem game, so he might actually be an asset early on. Other than that… idk.

MIKEY: Mikey was the obvious pick from SS5 (except for Will Kirby himself!) so he’s most likely a massive threat. Hoping he goes early.

PATRYK: Patryk was a big surprise for me cast-wise. With that said, his challenge scores are apparently incredible so I REALLY hope he doesn’t get a streak.

SAM: See Lucas. Overall, there were a couple of surprise picks; I felt for sure that Hannah from SS6 was a lock. With that said, let’s get on with the show!


Secret Story III - Resurrection Edit

Isaac was one of the thirteen original contestants on the third season of Secret Story.

Isaac's Voting History
Week Isaac's
Votes against
Week 1 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 2 Safe Taylor n/a
Week 3 Replacement
Not eligible Richard,
Week 4 Safe Richard n/a
Week 5 Safe Jack n/a
Housemate Richard Not eligible
Week 6 Safe Richard n/a
Week 7 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 8 Safe Charley n/a
Nominated Not eligible Henry,
Week 9 Replacement
Not eligible Coup Initiated
Week 10 Nominated Not eligible none
Nominated Not eligible Lucas
(Day 69)

Confessionals Edit

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So, I've talked to Sharky and the plan is to backdoor Sam. Despite him being my ally, Sam's also going after one of my other allies, Charley. Jesus, I'm pretty much allied with everyone. But anyways, it seems both Sharky and me are going to keep control over this game. This is both good and bad, because honestly... I feel like he's outdoing me. I can't lose this season. This is legitimately my season to win. But at the same time, Sharky's both my main ally and my best friend. I don't know what I'm going to do. ._. Oh, and Jessy's next.



So, it's finally time for this point. First off, I just want to say a special thanks to the entire cast (minus Lucas and Sam, <.<) and to Marish for this sexy season. Also, a special thank you to Joan for forming Team Bitch. That will always go down as the greatest duo of all Secret Story Seasons. Love you, Sharky. But, anyways, now that the niceties are out of the way, I must say that this is the worst Final 2 I've ever seen. Seriously, this sucks. Lucas, quite frankly, that spot should be mine. And to you Sam, Julia would be the one who deserves that spot next to me. I'm pissed off that at that Final HoH, I fell short. And I am ESPECIALLY pissed that I came so close to winning. Anyways, let's start with Sam. Dude, you know you're my Cote buddy forever, but you were a gigantic egotist during the whole season. Why in the HELL would you tell Sharky that you and Lucas cheated? It's a gigantic insult to Marish, to Sharky, to me, to Henry (who was eliminated during that challenge), and to the other contestants willing to play legitimately. Plus, the amount of times you were saved by Lucas and not yourself is pretty sad. But, I should probably fault Lucas to that. On that note... Lucas. I have to say, you weren't afraid to screw me over. Multiple times. Seriously, your allegiance to Sam was so obvious in the end that it was kind of weird. Also, that fucking Coup. Goddamn, the fucking Coup. That power you had made me want to shoot myself in the face. I'll be honest, you probably would have gone home earlier had the Mausoleum never existed. But, I must give you a congratulations on winning the final HoH. That challenge nearly killed me. Anyways, on to the questions. I'll start with Sam. - If I won that HoH, I'd be sitting up there with you. What would the ratio of votes be? Bonus points if you say who votes who. - What was your initial reaction to Sharky ratting you out like that? - Why did you target Charley? And now, for Lucas. - If you had taken me instead of Sam, what would the ratio of votes be? Once again, bonus points for what I said above. - Did you feel thrown under the bus by Sam when he said that to Sharky? - Did you feel satisfied when you threw ME under the bus multiple times? - How did it feel to have the coup? And of course, some questions for both of you. - Out of the 13 of us, who played the best overall game? It cannot include you or your fellow finalist. - What was the defining moment of the game that changed everyone's fate? - When did your Final 2 deal get formed? - What is my favorite color? It's a specific hex code, so have fun guessing! - How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? - Who do you feel had the most difficult secret to guess? - Was the ruling in which my secret was fully guessed fair or not? (No, Marish, this isn't another stab at you. :P) - Did you enjoy your experiences here? - Am I a terrible player? - Analyse this video. You must compare the story of the song to one of the player's games. Bonus points if you say why. Now, for the final question. This is the one that decides whether I even bother to vote or not. - Was Sam REALLY lying about the rigging? If he wasn't, I want you guys to confess now. If he was lying, I want hard evidence suggesting that. If that last question doesn't get a good answer, I'm abstaining. Have fun, muggles.