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Secret Story 4.1 - The Mystery Of Salem

Placement 6/16
Popularity 4.53%
HoH(s) held 0
PoV(s) held 0
Challenge(s) Won 0
Faced Evictions 3
Vote(s) Against 4
Day(s) Lasted 79

Secret Story 4.1 - The Mystery of Salem Edit

Hunter was one of the contestants for the re-boot revival of Secret Story ORG, 4.1 - The Mystery of Salem.

Hunter's Voting History
Week Hunter's
Votes against
Week 1 Safe Eviction Cancelled n/a
Week 2 Safe Daniel n/a
Week 3 Safe Motherhen n/a
Week 4 Safe Daniel n/a
Week 5 Safe Tyler M n/a
Week 6 Nominated Not eligible none
Week 7 Nominated Not eligible Jamie,
Week 8 Safe Not eligible n/a
Week 9 Safe Not eligible n/a
Week 10 Safe Not eligible n/a
Week 11 Nominated Not eligible Jaylen,
Tyler M
(Day 79)

Confessionals Edit

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Tyler will not listen, he literally just took out my closest ally because he was "hooked on a feeling," his own personal, not thinking of others, opinion. Gavin was clearly not the saboteur by the Intel I gave him! What's worse is that he won't pay attention to the fact that Blaine is the saboteur, he is now latched onto purry and is gunning for her to go. Blaine needs out. Patryk just follows along with whatever Tyler says too. I swear I'm normally the major floater of a season, but thank god there's Patryk. If can't get Tyler to "see the light" I might have to knock it into him.



Patryk - There might be comments of how you haven't won much and that the person you're sitting next to overpowered you in competitions. I'm not saying you're horrible, you won more then me rip. "'How bad do you want it' really needs to go....Let's not get violent here." I know what it's like to not always do that well in challenges. Also it doesn't help that towards the end Blaine had advantage over advantage. So we will go towards your social and strategic game. I know you were nominated more than any other person here. That's something I also normally share in common, which shows great commitment in staying in the game to keep getting nominated because like that you could've been gone game over. You somehow pulled out one of the strongest social games secret story ever saw to stay nomination after nomination.

Onto the question(s) and a more personal analyzation:

I know the one week you were HOH that you put me up saying you didn't want me to go. Apparently that wasn't pushed enough and I did go home. Was that really helpless? I mean I'm a great person to go the end to win against. Please explain why I was better to go home. Then I have a question about the above statement. I feel like you had a strong social and strategic game to stay in the game week after week. I never saw that. I want to know what did you do but more specifically who did you commonly speak to about staying in. Who were those stable allies?

Blaine - the supposed "Powerhouse" as the game neared its end. You technically did win a lot of comps but then you started getting help after people were being ignorant towards the end on who the saboteur was. *Scoff* Tyler leading his whole alliance to thinking it was Gavin and then Purry. You really had them fooled. I wish I would've gotten you out earlier but I actually thing I made it as far as I did because you were in the game. Like even though I shared the saboteur information with others I was like some social justice maker to some in the game to get you out. Also at the end with all the people against you, even though I went home, I felt we trusted each other and I think you were the one vote to keep me.

Onto the question(s):

(I could've looked at the wiki to see if you were nominated but I'm rushing writing this) anyway, were you ever nominated? If so what did you do to struggle because I don't think you had to struggle enough, show enough of your social and strategic game since you weren't really on the chopping block much. Your alliance, whoever they were, really kept you tight in this game for a while, until they wanted you out at the end so can you do me something. Can you give me speeches as if you were nominated on the block, directed to me, if you were on the block and I was voting at these stages in the game: -The beginning -Final 10 -Final 6 (kinda flip flopped isn't it)