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Secret Story 6 - Heaven & Hell

Placement 10/16
Popularity 3.26%
HoH(s) held 0
PoV(s) held 0
Challenge(s) Won 0
Faced Evictions 1
Vote(s) Against 1
Day(s) Lasted 49

Secret Story 6 - Heaven & Hell Edit

Calvin is one of the sixteen contestants that participated in the ORG's sixth iteration, Secret Story 6 - Heaven & Hell.

Calvin's Voting History
Week Calvin's
Votes against
Week 1 Safe Pydo &
by Joey
Lucky n/a
Week 2 Immune Natalie n/a
Week 3 Immune Eviction Cancelled n/a
Week 4 Immune Johnny n/a
Week 5 Immune Tadd n/a
Week 6 Nominated Not eligible James
Week 7 Nominated Not eligible Eviction Cancelled
(Day 49)

Confessionals Edit

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so i have an alliance with dallas called the mushroom kingdom. talked to tadd lucky jonny and joey yeah lol


Dallas and I have a final 2 secret alliance known as the mushroom kingdom. He's the one person i need to keep a secret and play loyalty with. I'm wanting this to work for sure!


Dallas and I conversed together today by the poker table and were talking about Natalie and Tadd. They obviously want to play everyone because they've asked me and johnny for an alliance and allison and dallas for an alliance. They want to pit us against each other and we need to watch these guys super closely. Huge threats. Dallas and I are ride or die 100%. We need to keep it a huge secret.


BLEHHH as of now I'm going home. We'll see what happens but people like allison natalie and Tadd aren't going to make it any better for themselves! I'll just have to try again elsewhere!



UGHH, BLEHH. well we all know dallas is going up. I'm so sick of Joey and Johnny's power runs though. it's getting annoying. oh did i tell you allison and I have a f2? LOL. were going to try to overthrow them at one point. We just don't know how yet