End of Week 5

Ahad-mangatarAlfons in FranceAsh mangatarEddie Cheesy
Luke mangatarNick mangatarWesley mangatar

Ahad, Alfons, Ash, Eddie, Luke, Nicholas and Wesley

CONGRATULATIONS on making it to Week 6, you are now at the half-way point.

I wanna thank you all for sticking it this far and I couldn't be happier to have such fun cast.


As mentioned before an adjustment is about to happen.

As you are aware, when a housemate's secret is exposed they are given a 10% penalty on all future challenges.

From this point on, this penalty IS NO LONGER IN PLAY.

Instead, Ash and Wesley will instead be given a 10% bonus to all of their future challenges.

So from this point on, any challenge that Ash and Wesley compete in, they will be given a 10% to their final score.

Further more.

As the amount of votes in this week's popularity poll was literally only EIGHT. I propose a new challenge.

Whoever gathers the highest amount of this THIS WEEK... will be given immunity from eviction. Meaning that whoever has the highest amount of votes for Week 6, will be immune from eviction on Week 7, guaranteeing them a spot in the Final 5. If the housemate with the highest amount of votes is evicted, then the person with the next highest amount of votes will be given that immunity. JUST KEEP IN MIND. That the winner is not the overall most popular housemate, but the most popular housemate in Week 6 only. The poll is located at this address :


As far as I know you can vote ONCE per day.

Further more.

As Ash and Wesley are the only two people with secrets still left in the game. In order to make things... more interesting...

EVERYBODY (including Ash and Wesley) WILL RECIEVE a "FREE GUESS" (this guess is free of charge meaning that no points is exchanged for this guess, so if somebody incorrectly guesses, they will not lose any points (nor the other person gain any points, unless the guess is correct).

The Head of House competition will be held shortly. As well as next clues revealed for Ash's and Wesley's secrets.