Power of Veto Competition #3 and Dilemmas results

Only three people have decided to take the offer up for the "dillemas".

Nicholas has decided to have the power to void any vote at any point from now on until the Final Four. However, the next time Nicholas recieves a vote against him during an eviction he will recieve a penalty vote as well. (so a single person will technically cast a double vote).

Ahad will now have the ability to see who voted against who for every eviction this season (including Week 1 and 2), but his votes will now be shown on the voting history.

And finally,

David, will now recieve the same clue (including this week's) that the HoH gets when they pick one secret to recieve an additional clue to. However, his secret will show an additional clue.

Now, as to the Power of Veto competition, everybody as always will compete.

For this week's Power of Veto competition, you will play the horribly difficult and addicting and furstrating game. FLAPPY BIRD!

As with each competition you have 24 hours to compete the game. Send me yoru score via e-mail or via Facebook. The person with the highest score will win. Now I'm only hoping there isn't a tie! Eddie and Luke, because their secrets have been exposed, will recieve an additional penalty.

The game link can be found beeelow!