Day 17 - Dilemmas

Each housemate is permitted to chose one dilemma, you may choose NOT to pick any.

For each dilemma there comes a bonus but also a penalty.

The dilemma for each housemate is? How much do I want to risk and sacrifice in order to give myself a leg up?

Each housemate has 24 hours to make a decision, if I don't get anything by the end of these 24 hours, then I will assume you don't want to risk anything.

The dilemma options are as follows

Dilemma #1 - Cleanse yourself from all your current strikes for 750 points per strike, if you can't afford you will be left with that strike.

Dilemma #2 - If you win this week's Power of Veto, you will win the DIAMOND Power of Veto, this Veto allows the holder not only to change one nominee, but also strips the HoH of being able to name the replacement nominee. However, the penalty for this veto is that for this week's veto competition you will recieve a 15% penalty when it comes to your challenge score.

Dilemma #3 - Cleanse yourself from a Final Warning, but recieve an additional 10% penalty in all future competitions (stacks with the revealed secret penalty)

Dilemma #4 - Receieve a single clue to any three secrets. Partly reveal your own secret (this is not just a clue!)

Dilemma #5 - Double your current points, but sit out at the next two competitions.

Dilemma #6 - Void any vote at any point until the Final Four, however, you will receive a penalty vote the next time somebody casts a vote against you.

Dilemma #7 - Get the ability to see who voted against who for every eviction, however, this reveals your vote each week as well.

Dilemma #8 - Receive the same clue that HoH get everytime they select one secret to get an additional clue for. This however reveals one clue about your secret for everybody to see.

Abstain - Abstain from choosing a dilemma.

There is a final much bigger dilemma coming this week. But what it is I won't say.