Head of House Competition #3 - Day 16

Alright housemates. For this week's Head of House competition, I'm gonna try a simple experiment.

For this HoH competition, you will use Brant's Big Brother 8 simulator :


The goal of this simulator is to see how well America's Player, Erik, can do.

As the outgoing Head of House, Wesley is not eligible to compete.


1. You must let the relationships develop naturally (they don't change as of yet)

2. You must NOT change your America Players OR the relationships for each housemate! (they are pre-determined).

3. You must NOT change any of their statistics either.

The housemate with the highest ranking, most completed tasks, and overall statistics (numbers of times nominated, votes receieved etc.) will determine the winner.

As a result, you must take THREE screenshots for your submissions, the final placements, the results of America's Player twist, and the final statistics.

It is up to you to decide who you will target each week and who you will evict.

The winner will be the person who has achieved the highest overall ranking. If there's a tie, the person with more tasks completed will win. If there's a tie again, I will figure out a way to use the final statistics to determine the winner.

As with every competition, you have 24 hours to complete.

I would appreciate if nobody would try to cheat this competition, I hope nobody is evil.

Have fun.

If any of you are confused about this competition, just message me and I'll attempt to explain it to you. Just remember I need THREE screenshots.