Guess #6 - Nicholas on Luke

Nicholas has attempted to guess Luke's secret. If he is correct he will take all of Luke's point. If Nicholas is incorrect, he will lose 750 points while Luke earns 750 points.


Nicholas thinks that Luke has a crush on Taylor.

This isn't the secret that Luke picked exactly.

However, Luke's secret has the same meaning as the above guess, which means that Nicholas has correctly guessed Luke's secret.

Luke's official secret is that "I have a crush on one of my tribesmates in my first Survivor ORG".

As a result, Nicholas has earned 9,250 points. While Luke has 0 and no longer harboring a secret, meaning he will now be given a 10% penalty on all future competitions (along with Eddie).

Congratulations Nicholas for being the first official correct guesser (seeing as Eddie's secret wasn't fairly guessed).