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• 2/2/2014

Official Rules

It is clear to me that there is a lack of order within the group of the contestants. Although drama is a fine and entertaining element, it can easily cross the line of plain annoying and aggrevating as well as stressful.

As a result I'm issuing the following rules.

1. Housemates are not permitted to be aggressive or intimidating to any of their fellow contestants.

2. Housemates are no longer permitted to send, text or link any inappropriate contents (including sexual suggestive comments or remarks)

3. Housemates are not permitted to invite any non-competing contestants (this includes evicted housemates and jury members)

4. Housemates are not permitted to spam and flood the main Secret Story ORG chat.

5. Housemates may not share or reveal their secrets to anybody.

6. Depending on the scale and severity of the offences housemates may be penalized by losing points, geting warnings and final warnings or eventually being expelled for the game.

7. Rules are subject to change at any time.

8. My decisions are always final.

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• 2/2/2014

I fully agree, now I can't get bullied

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