Secret Guess #2 Joshie on Eddie

Joshie has attempted to guess Eddie's secret. If Joshie is correct he will take all of Eddie's point. Joshie is the person to use the "free guess" and as a result will not lose 750 points if he is incorrect.


Joshie thinks that Eddie : "got an F on his report card"


Joshie has correctly exposed Eddie's secret. Eddie's secret is indeed that he "got an F on his report card". Congratulations to Joshie for being the first person to expose another contestant's secret.

Because of this, Joshie earns 8,000 points for uncovering Eddie's secret. Congratulations!

Because Eddie is no longer harboring a secret, he will now be penalized 10% for all future (including this Veto competition) challenges (as it was stated in the detailed explanation in Secrets Game).

Sorry Eddie.

Eddie is still however eligible to guess people's secret, but must have at least 750 points in order to guess a secret.