Secrets Game - A Detailed Explanation

As you are all aware, each of you have picked a secret. Your goal is to avoid being exposed whilst at the same time try to guess each other's secrets.

I'm slightly disappointed (mostly in myself) as I feel that I haven't executed this myself. And only one guess (by Wesley, who only guessed because I kind of asked him to).

However, this isn't the end of the world and I'm sure it's nothing more than a learning curve and to see what "sticks".

I have decided to write this "article" to explain exactly how everything will work.


First of all. You have up to THREE guesses per week that cost 750 points. You can make these guesses at any time. If your guess is correct and you expose a secret, you take ALL of the points that person had at the time of the guess. If you are incorrect, YOU lose 750 points and the person who's secret you are trying to guess, gets the 750 points.

Second of all. If you successfully expose a secret, there's a penalty for the person who's secret is exposed. ANYBODY who no longer harbors a secret suffers a 10% penalty in ALL challenges. So there's some strategy involoved.

Third of all. From this point on after every eviction a set of clues will be revealed. These clues will remain for the time being a single word. But the more clues you have the more sense the secerts will make. Further more, by now each secret listed has an owner as opposed to being anonymous

The Head of House actually gains an advtange by being able to get a clue earlier than anybody else. Ash and Wesley both were given the choice of who's secret to get a hint from (or pick a secret and get a second clue to an individual secret, but now that everybody has a clue attached to their secret this option is no longer valid).

Throughout the game there maybe opportunities for "free guesses" (guesses which don't change your points) or additional clues that you only know.

It's very difficult for me to find a way to make this fun for everybody and keep everybody guessing. But the common complaint is that the only reason why people aren't trying to guess more is because of lack of hints. So hopefully the next few days clues will be revealed :)

I hope you keep on guessing because the next person who guesses will guess for FREE! ;)