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Sole Survivor Francesca Hogi
• 1/31/2014

Head of House Competition #2

Since Blake has been evicted Week 1 is officially over.

However there are few things left to wrap up.

First of all Blake has refused to have an eviction interview so here are Blake's goodbye messages.

Ahad - "Blake you came into this game trying to make a huge alliance with a lot of people, but then you revealed someones deepest secret, and they trusted you with it and for that reason its time for you to go"

Alfons - "Good riddance to you, what you did to Orange was NOT okay, and for that, you will be punished."

Andrew - " Go away, now, GET OUT OF HERE"

David - "I am sorry to see you go but its a game my vote would be different if I knew you were safe."

Joshie- "I was trying to save you but you dug your own grave today."

Luke - "Blake, you said you wanted to quit. This is best for you. Sorry."

Wesley - "Well bye bye. You were gunning for is what I heard. BOOM! Bullet Ricochet"

For the second part. As you are all aware coming into this game you all harbour a secret. Not only has nobody buzzed in with a guess, but nobody has guessed Blake's secret and I can confirm that Blake's secret was that he "had a crush on Lola Bunny & Wendy Corduroy (Gravity Falls)".

Blake has also scored 9,000 points by the time he got evicted. However, evictees are entitled to only 50% of their points, meaning that Blake is going "home" with 4,500 points. The other 4,500 points is going to a person of his choice. So, congratulations David, Blake chose you to be given 4,500 points and you're now in the lead with 14,500 points!

Now, I can now confirm that the popularity poll is now back and re-started. So get your behinds and vote for the favourite contestant!

Vote here.

Now. Week 1 is now officially over and that means it's time for the Head of House competition!

Ash, as the outgoing Head of House you are not eligible to compete, everybody is fair game. This game is called Majority Rules and is rather simple.

You will each be asked 15 questions relating to your fellow housemates. You are given a choice of two people for each question. Your goal is to select the housemate that YOU think the house as a majority think. But there's a twist.

IF you are within the minority, you are disqualified from the game and your submission is literally voided. IF you are correct, you move on to the second question. IF there is a tie or everybody chooses the same answer then no one is eliminated.

The goal is to be one of the two last standing people.

The second part, is that you will rank ALL of the eligible contestants 1-9. This ranking will determine the second Head of House. So. Hopefully this submission form will make it easier for each of you. You may not rank yourself, only people other than yourself and Ash.

Also, when answering the actual questions you can only choose the either of the two choices provided.

Head of House comp. #2 :

Who is the most likely to stab you in the back?           ASH or ALFONS :     ___
Who is the most honest?                                   EDDIE or JOSHIE :   ___
Who is the worst at playing this game?                    ETHAN or NICHOLAS : ___
Who never shuts up?                                       ANDREW or EDDIE :   ___
Who would you trust with your life?                       AHAD or WESLEY :    ___
Who is the funniest person in the house?                  EDDIE or ANDREW :   ___
Who needs a wake up call in life?                         ANDREW or EDDIE :   ___
Who has a strong sense of entitlement?                    ALFONS or JOSHIE :  ___
Who would people want to hang out after the game is over? WESLEY or LUKE :    ___
Who is most likely to apply for a real and similar show?  DAVID or NICHOLAS : ___
Who would you hate to see win this game?                  ALFONS or JOSHIE :  ___
Who would you not want to play again with?                JOSHIE or DAVID :   ___
Who's the biggest poser?                                  ANDREW or ALFONS :  ___
Who deserves least to be on the Jury?                     AHAD or NICHOLAS :  ___
Who would you want to return as an All-Star?              ASH or DAVID :      ___
1. Name for HoH choice #1
2. Name for HoH choice #2
3. Name for HoH choice #3
4. Name for HoH choice #4
5. Name for HoH choice #5
6. Name for HoH choice #6
7. Name for HoH choice #7
8. Name for HoH choice #8
9. Name for HoH choice #9

You have until 4:00(ish) p.m 1st February 2014 to submit your "scores".

If you are confused about this comeptition feel free to message me.

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Sole Survivor Francesca Hogi
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