Power of Veto Competition #1

Contestants it's time to gather for the Veto competition.

In a short while you will all be given 24 hours to complete your first Power of Veto competition.

This.. is what you are looking at

Big Brother PoV sign

The Golden Power of Veto has the ability to save either of the two nominees. And to recap Head of House Ash has nominated Andrew and Blake for eviction.

ALL CONTESTANTS are eligible to compete in Power of Veto competitions (as I haven't found a "fair" way of randomizing the players, at least.. not a way that I feel comfortable with).

So, like in many Big Brother seasons the first Power of Veto competition will deal with your ability to spell (and yes Joshie, it's another flash game, deal with it.)


This game is called Letter Scramble and it works very simply. You have about 4 minutes to spell out words to reach a certain letter quota (first level is 100, the next 130). Once you reach your quota for the level you gain a huge time bonus (depending on how much time you have left) and proceed to the next level.

The twist in this game is that you have to time your words, because you are only given a single letter, and a new letter appears every few seconds. So you're limited to only what you have.

I assume if you run out of time your game is over.

Complete as many levels as you have patient (it's very slow) and the highest score wins the Power of Veto.

You have 24 hours to complete this competition.

If you fail to complete this competition on time you will receive a strike.

Good luck.