The twelve of you are about to embark on a huge long power struggle. You will compete in weekly competitions that will determine your position in the game. Today and following you will compete for the position of the Head of House , the person who is HoH will have the power to nominate TWO people for eviction.  These two nominees however will have a chance to save themselves. Following the nominations ceremony all of you will compete for the Power of Veto, the power to save one of the two nominees, you may choose to use it (in which case the HoH will be required to name a replacement nominee, the Power of Veto may not be named) or you may choose to keep the nominations as they are. Following the Veto ceremony, the house will then decide which one of the two nominees to evict (in case of ties, the Head of House will break the tie by casting the tie-breaker vote). When there's only nine of you, the Jury will start to form, and the Jury of Seven will decide which of the two finalist will win.

But you are also playing a second game. Each of you have a Secret, your job is to PROTECT your secret from being uncovered by everyone else, while at the same time you and everybody is trying to uncover each other's secrets. How does it work exactly? You are allowed THREE guesses per "week" (or round, i.e until somebody is evicted), if you are incorrect, you lose portion of your points, if you are correct, the owner of the secret you are uncovered loses all the points, and their point are transfered to your "account". Throughout the game, clues will be given out, earned, and shown that will help will piecing together the secrets.

What are points you may ask? Points are your score, as you could, as I am in no position to give out any money (sorry guys) think of points as you're high-score. They will be constantly changing, being nominated costs you points, winning competitions earns them. Completeing additional tasks or breaking rules all causes change in how many points you have. When you are evicted, you lose 50% of your current points, the other half is given to a person of your choicee (remember that!). The Final Two contestants will retain all of their points with the winner being granted an additional 100,000 points.

Throughout the season, a popularity poll will be held and reset once somebody is evicted. The Popularity Poll's results will be revealed once the game is over, however, it does have a significant impact on the game. Although if you are all active it won't matter, if the HoH fails to complete his nominations ceremony, the HEAD OF HOUSE ALONG WITH THE LEAST POPULAR CONTESTANT will be automatically nominated for eviction. The poll for the first week is here : http://www.poll-maker.com/poll59458x06984a98-3

In order to start this game off, it's time for your first Head of House competitions!

To warm you up for the game that's coming your way, we'll play a game of "Doeo"


This game is a very.. VERY simple game, all you are required to do is to roll over any "Doeos" you can see.. in 60 seconds. Complete all stages (if you can) and send me your highest score, play on the Easier difficulty. The person with the highest score will become the first Head of House.

Furthermore, I will now explain exactly how the "Secret" game will work.

Like I said previously, you are allowed a maximum of THREE guesses per week. A guess will cost you, incorrect guess will cost you, and a correct guess will obviously expose a secret and grant you the owner's points. You can send a guess ANY TIME, but will not be announced until the phase of the game is over (just FYI, they are Head of House Comp. Nominations Ceremony, Veto Comp., Veto ceremony, Eviction Vote/Result.)

You will be required to send all of your confessionals and submissions to my private (not anymore) e-mail (johnbigoz-1994@tlen.pl), as it will help better with making sure everything is sent in chronogically (when it comes to guesses mostly).

Finally, because this isn't Survivor ORG the rules for inactivity are slightly different and stritcer.

You are allowed a maximum of 6 inactivities strikes, each failed submission, and there are MANY, will cause you recieve a strike, once you get six strikes, you will be expelled from the game. This includes failure to send in competitions on time (if you want to throw a competion simply do badly in it).

Finally, if I hope you guys will enjoy the game, and I will try to make anything clearer as this is the first season, If you got any questions don't be afraid to ask via Facebook.

Just remember, this game nature is mostly indivdiual, but I'm sure you all know how these type of ORGs work, I wish you all good luck.


Johan-Amir/Marish & Ali.

And just to recap the HoH competition

LINK : http://www.kongregate.com/games/raitendo/doeo

Send our submissions to my e-mail address, I'll give you 24 hours from now on. I will try to time everything at about 4/5 P.M UTC/Irish time.

And a note about confessionals : You can send in as many as you want, but try to send at least one per each phase of the game. These will only be revealed AFTER the show is over.

Speeches, Eviction Interviews and Goodbye Messages will BE revealed AS they are given (i.e. Nominations Ceremony Speech will be shown with the Ceremony itself etc.)